Do you Sous-Vidé?

You might have heard the term ‘sous-vidé’ being banded around the media of late, and found yourself wondering what actually is this and why is it now so popular? Gregg Wallace of MasterChef fame recently tested one out on BBC One’s Live Well for Less and was blown away by the results.


The direct translation is literally ‘under vacuum’. Sous-vidé is a marinating method used by French and techno-chefs alike. The idea is that a tender and tasty piece of meat is put in some packaging along with favoured herbs, seasoning and anything else you’d like to infuse your food with. The result: the meat absorbs the perfect level of flavour which the vacuum effect ensures absolute tenderness. Moisture literally cannot escape so instead it is fed back into the meat to help tenderly cook and marinate your meal.

Now most people will unsurprisingly not have access to a food industry vacuum packing unit. So how do they do it?
Well you can now buy these appliances for your own home. Siemens have introduced an option in their Studioline range for dedicated foodies. According to Siemens their sous vide appliances:
“Prepare and cook food with the most exquisite flavours and delicate textures using the all new sous-vide setting”.
This is achieved by vacuum sealing your ingredients in the Siemens Vacuum Drawer and leaving them to marinade before cooking gently on an exact low temperature in your Studioline oven. This ensures that any moisture and flavour is fully absorbed into the food, for a gastronomic fine-dining experience in your own home. The vacuum drawer also comes with some handy other settings as well and intuitive touch controls and a handleless push-pull opening mechanism.

If you’d like to know more about the Siemens Vacuum Drawer drop into our Loughborough showroom on Ashby Road or request a brochure by giving us a call or dropping us an email.

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