Have your cake and eat it?


The Cole Roberts team is still swooning over some of the bakes from GBBO’s Cake Week on Tuesday! With plenty of discussion about the best techniques to temper chocolate to how to avoid disaster during a heat wave (oh how we felt for Terry and his collapsed Eiffel Tower!), the one thing we have agreed on is that you need the right tools for the job.


There’s no doubt that great results do require a level of culinary skill, but the Miele ovens stocked by Cole Roberts will certainly help you achieve some show-stoppers!


We would definitely recommend the Miele steam-combi oven, featuring moist and dry heat for perfect baking results. Having a number of functions in one appliance delivers perfect cooking and baking with unlimited combinations.  Oxygen sensors monitor and regulate the moisture in the cooking compartment, with the natural moisture content of food taken into account (clever stuff!).  The climate of the cooking compartment is always optimally adjusted to the respective food, doing the thinking for you!


If you need to cook a number of different items at the same time, but each one requires a different setting (so for instance, steamed chicken, roast potatoes and sponge pudding), automatic menu cooking enables you to combine up to three automatic programmes for different foods, with temperature, cooking times and sequences automatically set. The oven tells you when to put each item in so that everything is ready at the same time. In this way, you can cook a who meal without stress and with perfect timing.


And if you need some extra time management in the kitchen, the Miele steam-combi oven allows you to programme the start and end times or simply the duration of the cooking process. In this way your dishes are perfectly cooked by the desired time – once the programmed cooking duration is over, the process ends automatically. Impressively, the clock function is maintained for up to 200 hours in the event of a power failure and when power is restored, the display shows the current time and does not need to be reprogrammed.


The Miele steam-combi oven does boast several other features. Pop into out Loughborough showroom so we can show you the appliance in action and talk you through each of the attributes in more detail.

In the meantime, we’ve checked into the Miele library for some cake-spiration, and could not resist this classic, Victoria Sponge! The recipe can be downloaded here: https://www.miele.co.uk/media/domestic_gb/media/files/download/Victoria_Sandwich.pdf


Enjoy and happy baking!


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