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ColeRoberts specialise in providing high quality bathroom suites for our customers. We specialise in full service projects from start to finnish. Whether you'd like a minimalist glass fronted bathroom from one of our German luxury bathroom brands or a traditional English handmade bathroom, ColeRoberts are able to provide.

We are also able to sell individual items if you're looking to update your room with a new vanity unit, shower encloser or new bathtub.

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A large bathroom - My Nature

The right layout for a pleasant ambience

Bring comfort and cosiness into your bathroom: a layout perfectly adapted to the space can create a symbiosis of functionality and high-quality design. The symbiosis sensibly supports the various areas of the bathroom. Clever bathroom solutions, such as a modern sliding glass door let you separate the bath and shower into separate wellness areas. A free-standing bath can act as a partition and create an exquisite area where you can quickly leave the stresses of your daily life behind. Absolute highlight: create an exclusive view in the middle of your bathroom with a free-standing bath or an indoor hot tub. Want to enjoy a breathtaking sunset while bathing? If so, position your bath so that your gaze can wander out of the window

A bathroom with an inclined roof - Venticello, Squaro Edge 12

A bathroom with an inclined roof

Clever use of sloped ceilings in the bathroom.

Check the correct height

Despite their cosiness, it is impossible to deny that bathrooms with sloped ceilings suffer from a fundamental problem: they require clever design solutions that make the most of the limited space available. It is important to make sure that the toilet, sink and shower are placed in areas with a height of at least two metres, as anything less will impair easy use and users may hit their heads. Is the ceiling only slightly sloped? In such cases, the toilet or the sink can be placed under the slope.

Make clever use of space under sloping ceilings

Baths are well-suited for installation under the slope. No other space is needed other than for getting into and out of the bath. Corner baths and rounded models look great underneath the sloped ceiling. Pure romance: large skylights mean that you can take a bath beneath the stars.

Can you absolutely not go without a shower? Even a bathroom with a sloped ceiling can have a comfortable shower. Position the shower beneath the slope and discover that you can shower comfortably there too! For that little bit of luxury, add a customised home sauna or infra-red cabin under the sloped roof, positioned so that the space can still be used to its full potential.

Guest bathroom VenticelloSmall bathroom with a bath - Omnia architectura

Would you prefer a shower or a bath in your guest bathroom? We can help you decide.

Do you often have guests to stay overnight or would you like to enjoy the comfort of a fully equipped second bathroom? With some clever planning, you can even include a shower or a bath in a small guest bathroom. For example, flush-fitting walk-in showers with angled fronts can be fitted compactly in corners while still allowing sufficient freedom of movement. And special space-saving baths allow perfect relaxation in guest bathrooms too. Our tip: A bath with an integrated shower area gives you and your guests the choice of a quick freshen-up or a leisurely and relaxing bathing experience.


The extraordinary design potential of LAUFEN’s revolutionary SaphirKeramik reveals itself in the new bathroom collection Val, designed for the Swiss bathroom specialist by star designer Konstantin Grcic from Munich. Simple architectural lines, extremely narrow edges and fine surface structures make the washbasins of this collection globally unique. The Val range includes washbasins, washbasin bowls, trays, bathtubs and new bathroom furniture from the Space collection.

The rectangular, wall-mounted washbasin, is available in 6 widths from 450 to 950 mm. Its trademark, straight geometric lines and walls with small radii and gently rounded corners emphasise the humane and friendly character of the delicate SaphirKeramik.


A complete bathroom project inspired by the iconic design of Kartell together with the quality of Laufen. On one hand, Kartell, Italian, creative, colourful and iconic. The family company that has marked the history of design and revolutionised furnishing in the use of plastic materials for over 60 years now. On the other, Laufen, Swiss, rigorous and reliable. For 125 years, a great commitment to make culture in the bathroom and innovation in the production of ceramic sanitaryware. It is a shared project of great innovation, which has required more than three years to develop, the result of the constant research that is part of the DNA of the two companies. Serving as the link between these two players are the award winning designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba , who themselves are leaders in designing for the bathroom.

The rigid geometry of the ceramic items is tempered by the multicoloured lightness of the transparent plastic elements. Leaving aside primary colours Kartell by Laufen sets coloured light horizons into the free area of the house where the senses yield to the emotions. Introduced in the new Kartell by Laufen bathroom is the revolutionary SaphirKeramik, a material that allows performance characteristics that were unthinkable until today. A radius of curvature of the corners up to 1-2 millimetres (until now the maximum reached was 7-8 millimetres) for washbasins thin as blades, of an extreme lightness, not only visual but actual - SaphirKeramik is a material weighing half that of normal ceramics - equal only to its inimitable mechanical resistance.


The design of the LAUFEN PALOMBA COLLECTION recalls small inlets or pebbles shaped by the eternal movement of the sea, expertly transformed into ceramic. All elements of the collection harmonise with one another as each one of them bears the signature of the Italian designer couple, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.

Yet the character of its design is not rigidly fixed, but hovers between geometrical and organic forms. Its underlying concept is the manmade cube, hollowed and rounded by the elemental force of water – the sea as inspirational force. However the washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, WCs, bidets and furniture of the PALOMBA COLLECTION do not achieve the absolute status of a fully integrated bathroom. True to the spirit of the collection, these designer objects lend themselves to exciting combinations: both within the collection and with LAUFEN products of a matching design. A stream of new design solutions successively enhance the PALOMBA COLLECTION.