There is no creation without memory. The works of the past are scattered along the river of time. Creating true quality requires observation and understanding of the history of a brand whilst bringing it into the modern world. It means captivating the gesture, the shape, the colour, the expertise of craftsmen who have honed their skills over many generations, never rejecting the lessons of an earlier time. True craftsmanship is as rare as is the innovative idea. These extraordinary objects that we produce age well. This is why the area of France in which we are based has long been recognised for the manufacturing of fine furniture.

…and today

The values we transmit are those of our parents and those we will pass on to our children. We have been passionate about furniture manufacturing for three generations. A single fully involved family, without shareholders; this is our absolute singularity. We are now making plans for the next 20 years for our successors. We are always looking to improve design, accuracy, quality and service levels. This is what has established our credibility and reputation over the last half century. This is how we stand the test of time, not just that of the present but also that of the future.

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